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Four Firms First to be Awarded NAID Sanitization Certification

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Four member-companies are the first to achieve the NAID Certification for Sanitization Operations. These companies are E-Scrap Processing Center (Earth City, MO), LifeSpan Technology Recycling (Denver, CO), Supply-Chain Services, Inc. (Lombard, IL), and WeRecycle!, Inc. (Mount Vernon, NY and Meriden, CT).

While NAID currently has over 360 member locations certified to provide physical destruction of media, the new certification is specifically designed to validate the security of operations that provide hard drive overwriting or erasing services.

As with the certification of members providing physical destruction services, NAID Certification of Sanitization Operations requires that an independent auditor verify the security of the facilities, chain of custody and audit trail. However, because the hard drives remain intact after the overwriting process, a separate independent forensic testing lab verifies the effectiveness of their quality control and overwriting process.

It is anticipated that the new NAID Certification program will benefit from the growing number of endorsements received over the last couple of years by the existing NAID Certification program. As a result, the NAID Certification of Sanitization Operations will also become an industry standard practice over time.