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2009 Conference to Host Dialog with Destruction Specification Developers

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While NAID will wait until October to release full details on the educational content of its 2009 Annual Conference and Exposition, planners are releasing details on one session that will be a first for the organization. This will increase NAID’s interaction with destruction specification writers from government and industry groups.

During this session, designed to be an interactive general session, NAID will host delegates from government and industry groups responsible for destruction specification development. The purpose of session will be to discuss standardization and increase everyone’s understanding of the specifications. Conference planners will seek to include participants from the organizations such as the IRS, NARA, FTC, and NIST, as well as international industry standards organizations such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), and other delegates representing other governments such the RCMP, BSI, and DIN.

According to Executive Director Bob Johnson, the session is not only designed to educate NAID Members about the current and developing specifications, but also to fully expose these policy makers to the inherent security of outsourcing destruction to qualified vendors. As Johnson puts it, "Rarely if ever do these policy makers even consider that destruction is being outsourced by the operations for which they are writing these specifications. As a result, such specifications neglect any consideration for selecting a qualified service provider or the added security achieved by outsourcing. This meeting will hopefully initiate an ongoing dialog where all factors in the information destruction equations are considered to the ultimate benefit of all."