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UK Standards Committee to Meet

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NAID Executive Director, Bob Johnson, will participate in a meeting of the Information Destruction Standards Committee of the British Standards Institution on September 5th.

Johnson has been a member of the committee since its inception 4 years ago. The purpose of the meeting is to update committee members on the development of an EU practice standard for secure destruction services operating there, as well as to explore overlap and standards development in the records storage industry.

The committee is responsible for producing BS8470, a recommended practice standard for secure information destruction services operating in the United Kingdom. Since producing the practice standard, the committee, largely through the efforts of the British Security Industry Association, has been advancing it as a potential European Union practice standard.

While the BS8470 practice standard parallels the NAID Certification security specifications in many ways, it does not require an audit or unannounced audits to verify compliance, nor does it require the use of CCTV image capture.

Some secure destruction services are utilizing an ISO audit to verify compliance.