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Folder of Personal Information Makes it to TV News Report

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In the last NAIDDirect, it was observed that increasingly small amounts of discarded personal information seem to be enough to make the news.

Well, here is more evidence of that trend and businesses should take heed. On Thursday, August 14th, Weslaco, TX-based NEWSCHANNEL 5 reported that one folder of personal information had been discovered in a Harlingen, TX dumpster and turned over to the police. Admittedly, the folder is reported to contain the personal information of hundreds of people.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has taken action in cases involving as little as a few boxes of records. It will be interesting to see if charges are eventually filed in this case.

Regardless, businesses will soon wake up to the fact that casually discarding what may seem to be a small amount of personal information lands them on the 6 o’clock news or in court.

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