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Better Business Bureau Shred Event Set for September

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On September 20th, Better Business Bureaus across the country, NAID and Equifax® will host a second "Secure Your ID Day" event in our continuing effort to raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

The first event, held last May 3rd, was considered a success by all involved, allowing consumers and small business owners across the country to securely destroy over 250 tons of sensitive personal records at over 50 locations.

The Better Business Bureau again intends to partner with NAID Members to provide the required destruction services.

The list of BBB locations participating in the September 20th event is linked below, with approximately 60 markets already represented. Unlike the May event, for the September event BBB has put the responsibility of securing a shredding service provider squarely on the shoulders of the local participating BBB office. This decision was made to increase the sense of ‘ownership’ of the event by participating local BBBs. While each BBB location is responsible for selecting one or more service providers of their choice, NAID Members interested in working with a participating BBB can also contact them directly to express their interest in providing services.

Click here to obtain a current list of markets where the local BBB locations participating in the September 20th "Secure Your ID Day."

Updated lists of participating markets will be provided over the coming weeks.