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Tennessee Methadone Clinic Discards Unshredded Records

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A state run methadone clinic in Tennessee allegedly discarded confidential medical information without destroying it first, according to online reports by Claudia Pinto and John Partipilo of The Tennessean that appeared on July 9th.

A spokesperson for the clinic denies the validity of the claims and suggests that the records were stolen by the group that is reporting the incident.

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities said the state is looking into the allegations, according to the report, and further states that the organization’s policy and state law require that this information be destroyed prior to disposal.

She said methadone clinics are required to hold on to patient records for 10 years and they must be destroyed before they are thrown away.

The article also says that the activist group that is making the allegation and who is in possession of the records has also filed a HIPAA complaint with the Office of Civil Rights.

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