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Houston Law Office Trashes Confidential Records

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A report by Jeremy Desel that was posted to the website of Houston-based TV Station KHOU- Channel 11 on July 15th, states that local law enforcement officials found hundreds of personal financial records discarded in a local dumpster. The files were mostly bankruptcy case files from a law office. The dumpster is located behind a nearby child care center. 

The attorney associated with the incident is reported to have publicly stated the release of such personal information was "no big deal."

The attorney in question spent several minutes loading the boxes into his car when called to the scene by authorities, but he also spent a lot of time avoiding the Channel 11 News cameras as he picked up the discarded records, according to the report.

Authorities are reportedly investigating whether or not any laws were broken. If they want to contact NAID, the Office of the Texas Attorney General, or better yet, Select Medical Corp., they will get a quick answer to that question!

Click here to read the entire report.