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Alaska Latest to Pass Destruction Requirement

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On June 14, 2008, Alaska's Personal Information Protection Act, House Bill (HB) 65, was signed into law.

According to reports, the sponsors of the bill, Rep. Coghill and Sen. Therriault, worked closely with stakeholders; consumer advocacy groups, the business community, and government officials to ensure that Alaska becomes a leader in protecting individuals' personal information while still allowing modern commerce to continue. The process reportedly took 4 years.

Some of the important provisions of the new law include:

§ Notification of security breaches
§ Freeze access to credit reports
§ Protecting social security numbers
§ Destruction of discarded personal records
§ Factual declaration of innocence after id theft
§ Truncation of credit card numbers

This brings the count of states who have acted to create data destruction requirements to 17.

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