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Certification Review Board Vacancy Filled

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The appointment of Jarret Silagyi of Cintas Document Management to the NAID Certification Review Board (CRB) has been approved by the NAID Board of Directors. The appointment was necessary to fill the vacancy on the CRB created by the resignation of Al Judkiewicz, previously of Cintas Document Management, who recently retired.

The CRB is responsible to manage and maintain the integrity and implementation of the NAID Certification program, including:

1) Approval of NAID Certifications (based on audit findings)
2) Review petitions by applicants for special considerations
3) Review the results of unannounced audits
4) Investigate claims of non-compliance
5) Mandate remedial actions by Member-companies to obtain or retain NAID Certification
6) Initiate due process where disciplinary action is required as a result of non-compliance

By charter, there arefive NAID member representatives serving on the CRB at all times, and two outside advisors. Mr. Silagyi’s term of service on the CRB is effect immediately.