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Boca Raton Business Discards Sensitive Information

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A Boca Raton businessman says he did not know personal information was in the old records he discarded in his dumpster, reports the local CBS-affiliate Channel 12 in a June 3rd posting to their website.

According to the report, the TV station broke the story and brought the incident to the attention of the business owner. The article does not say how the station was alerted to the incident.

The report claims that the dumpster was "full of files and paperwork with names, addresses, even drivers licenses and Social Security numbers, all out in the open for the taking."

As invariably happens when these stories become news, the TV station sought out a person whose information was compromised by the incident. And, as usual, the victim was outraged, in this case having already been a victim of Identity Theft in the past.

The businessman who dumped the records retrieved them and has stated that they will be properly destroyed.

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