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ID Theft on the Rise in New Zealand

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Authorities are saying that Identity Theft is on the rise in New Zealand, according to a report by Cliff Taylor posted to the website of the New Zealand Herald on June 15th.

Detective Sergeant David Kennedy, who heads the police identity intelligence unit, says a large number of offenders - including organized crime groups and international syndicates - are committing identity theft and fraud around the country.

The article cites reports from Britain suggesting identity fraud has risen more than 60 percent in the past year, and states that police in New Zealand have recently discovered around 900 separate incidents relating to 400 identities. The report goes on to say these numbers are a fraction of the real volume of activity regularly occurring in country.

The article also includes of a number of specific incidents, but states that criminals are difficult to apprehend because the crime is not detected until long after it happens.

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