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HSBC Suffers Documents Related Breaches in UK and Canada

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Two breaches were reported in the past week affecting HSBC customers in Canada and the UK. 

According to reports, in Canada, a man was driving in his neighborhood Saturday night when he spotted a bank bag full of cancelled checks on the side of the road. He took the bag to a police station after a quick peek inside revealed the personal information of hundreds of bank customers. York Regional Police are speaking with bank officials as they investigate how the sensitive information ended up on the side of a road. 

An investigation is under way after bank details of Wigan customers were dumped in Cheshire. The confidential 60-page sheaf of documents contained lists of customers of high street bank HSBC. Among the information contained in the papers were credit card applications and overdraft review dates, photocopies of a passport, driving licenses, a marriage certificate, bank account sort codes and account numbers. 

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Canadian HSBC incident as reported by CRV News

United Kingdom HSBC incident as reported by the Wigam Observer