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Investigative Report Turns Up Discarded Personal Medical Information

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There have been a number of investigative reports on how hospitals and doctors discard personal medical information. Recently, however, one journalist set out to see how dentists stacked up.

 According to an article posted on Wednesday, May 21st to the website of Toledo, OH-based TV station WNWO, Aaron Brilbeck, an investigative journalist working at the station, set out to learn how local dental practitioners were disposing of sensitive medical information. To do so, he went dumpster diving in the trash behind several randomly chosen dental offices. And what he found will not be a surprise to NAIDDirect readers.

In one dumpster, Brilbeck found dozens of documents containing patients’ first and last names, home addresses, social security numbers, employment, and type of care.

As the investigation proceeded, the journalist actually found personal medical information in the dumpster of the dentist who heads the Toledo Dental society.

Moral of the Story: Dentists Need Information Destruction Services Too.

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