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NAID to Join Payment Card Industry Standards Council

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The NAID Board of Directors has authorized the allocation of funds for NAID to join the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The annual membership costs $2,000 and will put NAID in a position to educate and influence the future develop of security standards and increase their awareness of the benefits of outsourcing secure destruction. PCI SSC is a relatively new organization whose primary mission is to create data security standards (DSS) for the payment card processing industry. All organizations that process payment card transactions are required to meet the PCI DSS. This not only includes the major card brands (VISA, M/C, AMEX), but tens of thousands of intermediate processors, including banks, credit unions, and the hundreds of thousands of merchants who accept credit cards.

The Board considered strategically important for the secure destruction industry to establish a presence and voice within the PCI SSC.

Click here to visit the PCI SSC website.