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NAID Member Receives Local Economic Development Award

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Supreme Asset Management & Recovery (SAMR) has announced that it is the recipient of the Ocean Development Council (MODC) 2008 Economic Development Award for its exceptional contribution to the growth and development of the business community in Monmouth and Ocean (New Jersey) counties.

SAMR, which recycles and remarkets all types of electronics, including computers, laptops, monitors, printers, i-Pods, cell phones, TV’s, VCRs, and batteries, among others, for corporations, businesses, and municipalities, employs 150 people, and reports that it is now considered the largest fully-licensed American IT asset management company on the East Coast and the largest CRT glass-to-glass recycler in the country, with locations in three states: Lakewood, N.J., Richmond, Va., and Shirely, Mass.

"Every community should be blessed to have a company like Supreme Asset Management & Recovery in their town," said the Honorable Raymond Coles, Mayor of Lakewood. "It’s an incredible organization, not only because they do so much to protect us and our children from a lot of the waste products that are just the byproducts of our lives today, but because they are such great people. There’s not an organization in town that has come to them for help that has been turned away."