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Sanitization Audits Began in May

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Six companies will be audited against the new NAID Certification specifications for Sanitization Operations in hopes of being among those who will be the first to achieve the Association’s newest accreditation.

The audits, which will take place over the next 6 weeks, will include review of the firms’ policies and procedures, access and quality control, and employee screening, in addition to a random verification of the efficacy of the organization’s sanitization procedures. This verification will be accomplished by sending sanitized hard drives, two containing known data and two chosen at random, to a testing facility for analysis.

The companies that will be audited are those who responded in March 2008 to the open invitation NAID issued to all member companies who provide sanitization services. The time period for submitting applications is closed and no more will be accepted until the current applicants have been audited.

Click here for the full packet of information regarding the NAID Certification of Sanitization Operations.

Click here to submit a question or comment on the NAID Certification of Sanitization Operations.