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Compliance Toolkit Orientation Webinars Announced

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Prior to publicly promoting the availability of the new Information Destruction Policy Compliance Toolkit (Toolkit), NAID will provide 3 opportunities for member-representatives to obtain the required orientation via Compliance Toolkit Orientation Webinars.

Those opportunities for Toolkit Orientation are:

  • Friday, April 18, at 12:00pm EST
  • Tuesday, April 22, at 4:00pm EST
  • Thursday, April 24 at 10:00am EST.

The webinars will take approximately 1 hour. Over 200 NAID Member representatives have already received the required Toolkit Orientation at the 2008 NAID Annual Conference.

The Toolkit is designed to help current and prospective customers to become compliant with regulations that require them to have written information destruction policies and procedures. According to the 2006 NAID Consumer Attitudes Survey, organizations that comply with this requirement are far more likely to outsource their information destruction requirements.

The availability of the Toolkit will be heavily promoted by NAID to customers via their buying-groups associations such as ARMA Int’l, ASIS Int’l, AHIMA, and the ALA, but will only be made available through NAID Members who have completed the proper orientation.

There is a $30 per person fee for the orientation, which does include a complete bound copy of the Toolkit, including the accompanying CD.

Click here to obtain the Compliance Toolkit Member Agreement and Webinar Orientation Registration Form. Once the completed form is received by NAID, members will be sent the information needed to participate in the webinar.