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Audit Show 40% of Government Computers Sold with Sensitive Information on Them

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According to an article posted on March 20th to the website of The West Australian, a Perth-based newspaper, an audit of discarded former State Government computers revealed that a staggering four-in-10 were sold to the public contained highly sensitive and confidential information. As a result, the personal details of public servants, including their salaries, home addresses and tax file numbers are being released to the public on second-hand State Government computers sold for as little as $2.

Auditor-General Colin Murphy’s report, tabled in Parliament, found that the computers, bought from public auctions and computer stores, also contained information on government agencies, IT systems and details on their internal software development projects.

This kind of information could potentially be used to design social engineering attacks targeting the agencies or to assist in identity theft and other fraudulent activities, the report said.

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