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Medical ID Theft is a Growing Problem

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A story by Richard Rys posted to MSNBC on March 13th reports that according to a recent survey by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), three percent of U.S. identity-crime victims had someone use their personal information — a Social Security number, an insurance policy ID, even a mere driver’s license — to obtain medical services or to profit from filing false claims in their name. That means nearly 250,000 Americans may be victims each year. The increase is happening because more Americans without healthcare insurance are looking for other ways to obtain treatment. 

According to the report, the worst cases result in insurance being maxed out to its lifetime limit, years spent untangling paper trails, and medical records being permanently altered. 

The story also states that, unlike a stolen credit card or savings account number, this kind of identity theft could be life-threatening if someone else’s medical history replaces that rightful owner’s records.

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