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Failed Florida Financial Company Trashes Records

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According to an article by Carey Codd posted to the website of CBS 4 in Miami, FL on February 15th, one Ft. Lauderdale dumpster proved to be a treasure trove of personal information--readily available for anyone who passed by.

The report claims that records belonging to the defunct First Magnus Financial were lying inside stacked boxes, available to anyone. Evidently, the paperwork contained some of the most sensitive information a consumer could possess: Social Security numbers, credit card information, addresses, properties, etc.

The report also states that shortly after the TV cameras arrived on the scene, employees of the building removed the boxes, while police officers from Ft. Lauderdale arrived and roped off access to the dumpster.  Authorities have promised an investigation.

According to the report, when interviewed, the building manager claimed that the rain falling in the dumpster would make it impossible to retrieve the information.   That is a new one for us at NAID – destruction by rain.

The building management is supposedly waiting for officials of First Magnus to come and properly dispose of the sensitive documents.

 Click here to read the entire report.