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Ray Barry to host innovative event at NAID 2012

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Move over Leno. Take a chair, Letterman. And, start sweating, Conan! After Saturday, March 31 there could well be a little more competition for the best late night talk show around.

Join us at the end of the first full day of sessions in the main Disneyland Auditorium for NAID Tonight starring Ray Barry. At the event, attendees will witness the live taping of the first-ever, industry-specific talk show, complete with the couch, the desk, celebrities, hilarity and shenanigans.

It won’t all be fun and games, but attendees should expect to fully exercise their laughter muscles at this first-of-its-kind event. There are even rumors circulating that the show may well be picked up for broadcast on a recurring basis by NAIDTV.