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Conference’s Audacious Ambition Aims at Inevitable Market Changes

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“The often used analogy comes to mind,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “about the frog that boils to death because the temperature of the water is raised slowly. Secure destruction professionals are so busy reacting to the daily grind that they don’t see the environment around them is changing and risk being unprepared when their customers become aware of their new liabilities.” Johnson adds, “If secure destruction companies wait until customers react to the changes, they will have already lost the race to those who are prepared.  We want NAID members to lead the way; not scramble around, trying to catch up after the fact.”

Johnson’s comment refers to the audacious goal of the upcoming Annual Conference to position attendees to be among those leading the evolution of secure destruction services, instead of, as Johnson puts it, “missing the boat.”

One only has to look at the sessions at this year’s event to see what NAID’s CEO is talking about.  In fact, the very first event of the conference is an optional opportunity to take the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Exam. Beyond that, a quick review of the educational sessions reads more like a training syllabus than a conference schedule, including a primer directly from the Federal Trade Commission on the Red Flags Rule, training on the use of the new Doctors/Dentist Marketing Plan, and training on a new “canned” program to provide customers with the employee training program required by law.

For now, Johnson challenges secure destruction professionals to consider how long they want to be in the industry.  “If the answer is more than 3 years,” says Johnson, “they need to consider investing in their future by attending NAID 2011.”