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NAID Peer Networking Group Hold First Meetings

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Last week, the NAID Peer Networking Groups held their first meetings. The four groups, comprised of 6 to 7 member representatives, went through an initial orientation and got familiarized with each other.

Going forward, each group will meet on a regular schedule to share strategies for meeting industry challenges, as well as to benchmark their performance. From time to time, subject matter experts will be invited to attend select Peer Networking Meetings to broaden the educational offering of the groups. Additionally, Peer Group Leaders (one for each group) will be sharing discussion points amongst each other and with NAID management as a way of staying in touch with industry trends.

NAID anticipates forming more Peer Networking Groups in the future as the success of the initiative becomes apparent to more members. If and when that enrollment window opens, announcements to that effect will be made in NAIDDirect.