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UK Hospital Mishandles Patient Records

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The website of Norwich, England-based,EveningNews24, posted an article by Sarah Hall reporting that patient records were dumped by Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital into a public trash bin.  The incident was reported to the television news organization by a local woman who found them.  The files turned out to be full of very personal information. 

The large local hospital has promised an investigation, after the EveningNews24 returned the files.  All hospital staff members interviewed were outraged by the inexcusable event, as were all of those victimized.  No one had any idea how it happened. 

Interestingly, the report closes by asking all members of the public to be on the lookout for similar incidents and to report them immediately to the television news program.  With so many citizens urged to be on the looking for improper disposal, we assume all local businesses will take note and act accordingly.  If they don’t, you will likely be reading about those organizations in NAIDDirect sometime in the near future. 

Click here to read the entire report.