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No Increase in NAID Membership Dues Rate for 2008

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The NAID Board of Directors has ruled that there will be no increase in membership dues for 2008.@This is the third year in a row that dues have remained unchanged.

The membership dues structure for multi-national firms has been modified to reflect their participation in NAID’s developing regional organizations. Previously, NAID Members operating in multiple NAID regions (US, Canada, Europe, Australasia) were billed the base-rate dues, plus a fee for each additional facility they operated, regardless of where it was located. The NAID membership dues were also capped at $5,500 per year for any one member.

Effective in 2008, firms operating in multiple regions will pay the base dues on a regional basis, with an incremental fee for each additional location in that region. The cap on dues, while remaining at $5,500, will also be determined on a regional basis. There will, however, be a combined cap on dues so that no member is charged more than $10,000 per year.

Invoices for annual dues are set to be mailed in mid-December.