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NAID-Canada Launches the Guardian E-Bulletin

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NAID-Canada launched its own monthly email bulletin yesterday. The inaugural edition of The Guardian™ was created for Canadian data protection professionals to help keep them informed on issues related to proper information destruction and other associated security issues. Included in the list of those who will receive The Guardian are individuals responsible for data protection within their organizations, Canadian policymakers, as well as companies who provide information destruction services in Canada.

As it stands, only the Active NAID Members operating in Canada receive The Guardian, as do all NAID Board Members, and all Associate Members.¡¡Information protection professionals who use (or should be using) secured destruction services in Canada are also receiving it. NAID-Canada has a concerted campaign to add to the number of consumers who receive its e-bulletin, so circulation will grow substantially over the months and years.

NAID Members outside of Canada also wishing to receive The Guardian, should click here to download a free subscription form.