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Mortgage Records of Troubled Lender Found in Trash

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The Atlanta area NBC-affiliated Channel 11 is reporting on its website that a DeKalb County dumpster was found to contain hundreds of files filled with the personal information of customers of the mortgage company Ameriquest. Oddly enough, it is also reported that the firm has not done business in the state of Georgia for over two years amid charges of predatory lending practices.

According to the report, there were boxes and boxes of tax returns, credit histories and social security numbers.

Estimates are that approximately 1,200 people may have been victimized. The report states that no one knows who put the records in the dumpster.

If the culprit is ever found, they may be subject to charges under the state’s destruction requirement law or FACTA. It remains to be seen whether or not Ameriquest will be held accountable, since technically, the records were their responsibility.

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