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NAID Executive Tells E-Scrap Attendees Their Business is Changing

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In his presentation at E-SCRAP 2007 held this week in Atlanta, NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson told attendees that their business model is changing and they need to adapt.

In his remarks, which were made during his session at a pre-conference workshop on Data Security, Johnson said "Whether you see it or not, the IT recycling business is quickly transforming into the information destruction business."Johnson went on to analogize the future of e-scrap to the experience of the office paper recycling business saying, "Ten years ago there was a thriving office paper recycling industry.That business is now the information destruction business."He continued, "That same process is now taking hold in the e-scrap industry.Like it or not, your customers are going to require you to take information destruction more seriously in the near future or they will choose a service provider who does take it seriously."