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Canadian Government Responds to Pipeda Review Recommendations

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The Canadian Government’s response to the PIPEDA review has been released. NAID-Canada made a strong and well-received appearance before the hearings of the review committee earlier this year and so has been anxiously awaiting the release.

There is good news and bad news in the Government’s response.

The good news is that the government believes there is merit in providing greater guidance regarding a definition of destruction. This was considered to be NAID-Canada’s top priority going into the hearings.

The bad news is that the government is leaning toward providing this guidance outside the legislation, in favor of working with the private sector and other stakeholders to develop further clarity in this area.

NAID-Canada’s job is now to convince the government – or the opposition – that non-legislated means are not sufficient.

The government is still a long way from introducing any legislation to amend PIPEDA, so there is plenty of time to make NAID-Canada’s case.