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NAID Seeks Input on Peer Networking Groups

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The NAID Board of Directors wants to know if there are any Active or Franchise Members who would be interested in joining a small networking group of 6 to 10 colleagues from outside of their market area. The networking groups of non-competitors would then meet via teleconference on a schedule they choose, to discuss various business topics and to share how they are dealing with them.

NAID would facilitate the calls and match up the groups so that each group member is comfortable with the others in their group. There would be a $20 set up fee to be matched with a group. Beyond that, there is no fee if the group manages their own affairs and conference calls. If the group chooses to use a NAID conference call line and/or have NAID provide notices of meetings and coordination of content, then a small additional fee would likely be incurred by each member of the group.

Click here if you are interested in participating in such a program.