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Follow Up: Hospital Operator Fined $1 Million for Improper Disposal of Data

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An October 4th article by a staff writer for the Lansing, MI-based Free Press newspaper, details how a Detroit doctor was fined a total of $1 million. He was also named by the state in a separate lawsuit alleging improper disposal of patient medical records from Greater Detroit Hospital that went bankrupt several years ago.

The fine was issued by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Evidently, this state agency used its regulatory authority to impose the $1 million fine against the doctor, whose company, Quality Health Plan, owned the former hospital. Marbella Management, another company owned by the same doctor, operated the facility.

As reported in a recent edition of NAIDDirect and in the September edition of NAIDnews, medical records were found at a farm north of Detroit on August 29th burning in large piles several feet high. The records contained names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, credit card data, medical condition details, and other personal information.

This followed the discovery of thousands of other medical records in July inside another building near the closed hospital that was owned by the same doctor.

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