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New Scottish CCTV Requirement Does Not Cover Destruction Facilities

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According to an article posted to on October 1st, a CCTV expert in the UK is saying that 95% of installations violate the country’s Data Protection Act.

The article also states that IK businesses whose premises have CCTV systems in operation and are recording images of the general public are supposed to inform the Information Commissioner’s office that they are gathering personal information about the people they are recording. Businesses also must post signs declaring that recording is taking place.

The statement in the article comes just as a similar law will come into force in Scotland on November 1st. 

According to the article, the law does not apply to operators working directly for the company whose premises are being surveyed – such as secure destruction facilities.

It does bring up the issue of whether or not notification and registry is required if there are visitors to the facility. NAID has sought professional advice from regulatory sources within the UK to get a qualified answer to the question. That answer will be made public upon receipt.

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