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75 Percent of Brits Affected by ID Theft

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An article appearing on the website of the Wiltshire Times on October 8th reports that a poll by Populus, that was commissioned by a law enforcement campaign to fight ID Theft, shows that 75 percent of UK adults have now been personally affected, or know a relative or friend who has been affected by identity fraud.

The same article also reports that a residential dumpster diving research project, commissioned by shredder manufacturer and NAID Associate Member, Fellowes, revealed that people are not adequately protecting themselves.

According to the report the results of the dumpster diving research showed that . . .

  • Over 19 million households regularly place sensitive materials in their waste and recycling bins
  • 11% throw away whole credit/debit card numbers - a combination of a complete card number with its associated expiry date and owner's signature was found in the waste and recycling of 13% of households
  • A third of us are still throwing away everything an ID thief needs, including passports, utility bills, driving licenses, and phone bills.

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