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Indiana Attorney General Files Complaints on Pharmacy Chains

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As reported by Rob Luke in on September 20th, Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter (pictured here) is taking a lesson from his Texas counterpart in taking action against companies who put personal information at risk.

The state’s top law enforcement officer filed complaints August 31st with the Indiana Pharmacy Board against 14 Indianapolis-area pharmacies and 14 individual pharmacists for failing to protect sensitive patient medical information.

The complaint alleges that the pharmacies, including some owned by giants CVS and Walgreens routinely placed personal information in public accessible dumpsters.

The allegations stem from a series of reports by a local television station - WTHR.

In contrast to Texas, Indiana does not legally require the destruction of personal information. If it had, the Indiana Attorney General would have had a much bigger hammer. Nevertheless, NAID is glad to see some action being taken.

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