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Personal Files Found in Dumpster

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A story found on the website of the Las Vegas CBS affiliate, Channel 8, by Chris Saldana on September 18th, reports that hundreds of files containing personal financial information were discovered in a dumpster.

Evidently a by-passer, understanding that this information should not be treated so casually, notified the TV station’s newsroom of the situation.

According to the report, the files of personal information, on what may be hundreds of local home buyers, included names, bank account information, and addresses.

The police removed the files from the trash to make sure that the files did not get into the wrong hands.

The report suggests that a local Century 21 Realty office was responsible for placing the personal information there. The manager of the location claims that an agent, who did not realize the materials needed shredding, made the mistake.

The report does point out that by federal law (FACTA), all companies and businesses that handle this kind of sensitive consumer credit information are required to destroy the information before it is discarded. Nevada currently does not legally require the destruction of personal information.

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