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NAID/PRISM European Conference Considered Great Success

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The experiment of combining the NAID and PRISM International European conferences is seen by all as a complete success. The event, which was held on Sept 10th - 12th in Paris, France, was showed improved attendance for both organizations.

An estimated 240 people were in attendance, including 20 exhibitors. These numbers more than double the previous attendance levels for PRISM’s European event and almost triples the level of attendance for NAID’s European event.

Many attendees of past NAID-Europe events commented on the very noticeable feeling of synergy of the combined event. Those, who had historically attended both events, remarked that for the first time it felt like a "real conference."

The three featured keynote speakers, Richard Reese of Iron Mountain, Tom Adams of RIMpro Marketing, Inc. and David Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner of the United Kingdom, all delivered a message that was right on target, further lending to the overall success of the event.

NAID and PRISM International are currently operating under the assumption that this union will last for the foreseeable future. The 2008 NAID-Europe/PRISM Conference is scheduled for September 9th-12th in Budapest, Hungary.