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NAID Membership Passes the 900 Mark

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As of the writing of this edition of NAIDDirect, the association stands at just over 900 Member-companies. This milestone comes during a year that has seen the association’s most rapid period of growth since its founding. In fact, the rate of growth from January to July saw the rate of new membership in NAID increasing 50% higher than the average for that last 4 years.

The companies who are joining to support NAID’s mission are coming from a broad spectrum of the secure destruction industry, including electronic information destruction companies and hard-copy/physical information destruction. The ages of the companies joining NAID are also balanced between young and mature organizations.

There is a healthy balance between companies joining from the U.S. and those based elsewhere. The increase in growth from outside the U.S. is viewed as a direct result of the increase in activity of NAID-Canada, as well as the NAID-Europe and NAID-Australasia Committees.