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HALLCO Live Floors Announces New Management

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HALLCO Manufacturing Company, Inc. makers of the HALLCO Live Floors®, has announced that it has appointed Rick Farmer to the newly-formed position of Domestic Sales Manager. His new responsibilities include supervising all the regional Sales Managers, along with managing various HALLCO Key Accounts. Rick has logged over 20 years of service for HALLCO in a variety of roles.

The company also reports that Howie Sewell has returned to be the Mid-West Region Sales Manager for HALLCO. Howie had previously worked in this capacity for 8 years, and then worked for Mountain Tarp for 2 years. Howie is eager to reconnect with his accounts and catch up with old friends.

According to the same release, HALLCO explains that its existing Regional Sales Managers are North East US - John Bott, South East US - Jerry Phares, West Coast - Mike Wilton, Canada - Donald Wilton, Mexico & Texas Service Facility - Stewart Szymczak, North Carolina Service Facility - Joel Moore.

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