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Truck Loads of Medical Records

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An article by Joe Rossiter, appearing in the August 31st edition of the Detroit Free Press, it is reports that fire fighters were called to the scene of a fire on a farm outside the city, only to find that truck loads of sensitive medical records were being burned.

The fact that the materials were not contained or controlled and many remained undestroyed has authorities outraged.

The records were from a hospital that had declared bankruptcy and were being burned by the owner of the management company that ran the hospital.

According to previous reports, abandoned medical records have been a continual problem at the hospital, which went bankrupt in 2002.

In November 2006, residents of the area found psychological records being blown down the street outside the skeletal hospital, which had been stripped by thieves. The documents contained credit card numbers, social security numbers and other personal information.

Earlier this year, thousands more medical records were found in a nearby building owned by a company affiliated with the same management.

The Michigan Department of Community Health is investigating and can fine those responsible -- potentially $10,000 per record. They say that they hadn't fined Kim before because they were assured by his attorney that the records were secured.

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