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Secure Burial Proces Implicated in Records Disclosure

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According to an article by Brittani Lusk that appeared on August 3rd in the Daily Herald, a local TV station was the intermediary in exposing unsecure disposal of personal information. According to the report, a Salt Lake City TV station, KSL, had received the personal medical records from a truck driver who obtained them while he picked up a load at a garbage transfer station in Pleasant Grove.

According to a spokesperson for the drug testing company that discarded the documents, the firm takes the confidentiality of its clients and their employees very seriously. The spokesperson verified that they did come from his company. He added that he had no idea how they ended up in such a vulnerable place.

NAID does know how it happened. According to the report, it seems the firm responded to its overwhelming concern for client confidentiality by choosing "secure burial" (e.g., landfilling) as the method for information destruction. And, while it is unclear that the materials discovered at the transfer station were targeted for landfilling or simply casually discarded by an employee, NAID is not surprised that employees would consider casual disposal acceptable when landfilling is routinely used to deal with confidential information.

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