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Found Medical Documents Turned Over to HIPAA Enforcement Office

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An article by Ken Borsuk reported in the Greenwich Post on August 2nd, medical records found disposed of in a trash bin outside a Greenwich doctors’ office have been turned over to the federal Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

The OCR is responsible for the enforcement of HIPAA and has promised to investigate the incident.

Of course, the article also reports that the medical practitioner responsible for the records has no idea how this could have happened.

"Members of the OCR are now going through their resources," an OCR spokesman said. "They will consider all they know and review the complaint." The spokesman added there is no set time frame for how long the investigation will last.

According to the report and the OCR website, most complaints are resolved to the agency’s satisfaction through this process. Once it’s resolved, the complainant is notified. 

Penalties are not standard and are imposed only if the covered entity does not make necessary changes. 

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