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Breach Notification Issue Heats Up - Again

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According to an article by K.C. Jones that appeared in InformationWeek on August 9th, because of the more than 160 million data breaches that have occurred since 2005, some organizations are beginning to press the federal government to adopt a national standard for consumer protection and notification. Thirty-five states have passed laws that require businesses and government agencies to alert consumers if their personal information has been compromised as the result of a security breach. A federal law would not only make it a requirement across the country, it would also streamline the issue for companies operating nationwide.

The Cyber Security Industry Alliance (CSIA) urged Congress to pass legislation that would require all organizations to safeguard sensitive data and establish standard notification requirements when a security breach poses a threat to consumers.

NAID supports a reasonable approach to notification and agrees that a national standard is in order. Debate over notification is one of the major hold ups on a stronger and broader national data protection bill. Committee jurisdictional issues have also been a major stumbling block in the advancement of such legislation.

Maybe the mounting pressure will help to solve both issues.

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