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"Ask the Professionals" Entering Second Year

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Even though NAID has answered thousands of member questions since it opened for business 13 years ago, the "Ask the Professionals Program" is now officially entering its second year. The program encourages members to submit any industry-related questions they may have at no charge.

Even if NAID’s Executive Director’s 25 years of industry experience doesn’t provide the answer, the association is prepared to go to any legal, accounting or other professional resource. Often this saves the member hundreds or thousands of dollars if they pursued the question on their own. NAID then provides the answer directly to the member submitting the inquiry as soon as possible. Of course, the identity of that member remains confidential. NAID then publishes its findings which is how this whole process benefits all members.

Among the many questions that NAID has answered are:

  • What to do if mold is suspected in old or damp paper records?
  • What if contraband is found in client material?
  • What if child pornography is found in client materials?
  • How to defend contracts from predatory tactics?
  • What happens if you accidentally shred money?
  • What needs to be included in a certificate of destruction?
  • What is the relevance of SAS 70 audits to secure destruction?
  • What "Check 21" means to the secure destruction industry?
  • Do damaged records have to be stored to satisfy the retention requirement?

The answers to member questions have appeared in issues of NAIDnews. NAID has also begun to index the articles that resulted from these questions on the website. Click here to access this index.

Over the coming weeks, reprints of the articles will continue to be linked to this index. Eventually, all of the article index will be searchable by subject matter.

Members may currently request specific articles from the index if they want them before they are linked to the reprint.

NAID Members should send their questions to or simply contact NAID through the website.