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NAID Releases Guidlelines for Marketing Consortiums

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The NAID Board of Directors has approved the publication of Guidelines for a Marketing Consortium use of NAID Marks for a growing number of such groups that reference NAID Certification or use other NAID trademarks to promote the marketing efforts.

According to the guidelines, a Consortium is defined as "the aggregate of any group, alliance, network, system or organization of two or more independently-owned companies, marketing secure information services over any geographic area, and using a name and/or administrative function, and/or management that is separate and distinct from any NAID member-company."

The guidelines require the payment of a one-time filing fee by the Consortium, as well as renewal fees. Consortiums publicly claiming NAID Certification as part of their participant requirements are required to meet a 100% threshold or implement a system to clearly indicating which participants are NAID Certified individually, and use language making it clear that at any one time, there are participants in the consortium that may not be NAID Certified. Additionally, no reference may be made to NAID Certification as a consortium requirement if less than 80% of the participants are not accredited. The same rules apply if the consortium claims NAID Membership as a requirement of participation.

Click here to download a copy of the Consortium Guidelines.