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Iron Mountain and Recall to Form Association

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Iron Mountain and Recall Corporation recently announced plans to form an organization called the Association for Information Protection (AIP). While the two firms are currently the only known members of the association, the two companies have made it clear that they will seek membership from a wide range of information security companies and other organizations. NAID has been invited to participate in the new association, however, no decision has been made in that regard, pending the release of more details. At this point there is no information as to the AIP’s charter, management or governance.

According to representatives from Iron Mountain and Recall, the organization was formed as a way for the national companies, and other organizations covering a wide range of information protection concerns (e.g., such as encryption, storage, and data transmission) to more effectively navigate the ever mounting number of data protection regulations being proposed in Washington.

It has also been announced that the new association also intends to create its own certification program for their information destruction services.