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Magazine Celebrates Dumpster Diving Finds

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According to an article in Waste Age Magazine, dumpster diving has risen on the public consciousness to the point that there is now a magazine, simply called FOUND. It is actually not much more than a collection of items found in the trash or otherwise casually discarded. Davy Rothbart, FOUND’s founder, reports he got the idea for the magazine when he saw all the stuff that people were throwing out in their recycling. The magazine has developed a cult following and to obtain content, and urges its readers to find and submit any unique, interesting, controversial or quirky items they obtain.

Of course, as most NAIDDirect readers already know, there is no claim of ownership or expectation of privacy in any item that has been casually discarded.

The existence of this publication and the story behind how it was created offer a significant commentary on the importance of information destruction in today’s world.