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Texas Man Dumped Records

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In March, Lubbock NewsChannel 11 reported that thousands of records containing personal information from people in and around Lubbock remained in a Lubbock County field. According to the report, the records contained people's names, social security numbers, even copies of their drivers’ licenses and birth certificates.

The investigation has now also unearthed who dumped the records. The man says he sold a McDonald's franchise seven years ago, and these records had been sitting in a warehouse ever since. Then, two weeks ago, Brown says he could legally destroy the records, and had planned to burn them on this piece of property, but exactly who owns this piece of land is in question. And the records were never destroyed.

A Lubbock County farmer contacted the Lubbock County Sheriff's office when he discovered this pile of boxes on his land.

Click here to read the entire web posting of the report.