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Confirming Your Conference Registration

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Annual NAID Conference planners are asking that anyone who faxed one or more registrations to NAID headquarters verify that they have received via email either a sales receipt or a registration confirmation.

If you did not receive any confirmation, you may further verify your registration by checking that your name is on the Current 2007 NAID Registration List.

Click here to access the list (by last name) of the current 2007 NAID Conference

Registrants as of 6:00pm EST, March 28, 2007.

Please only contact NAID in the event that a previously registered name is NOT on the Current 2007 NAID Registration List.@If the name is there, then that person is registered.

Click here to send an email inquiring about any previously registered attendee that is currently not listed as being registered for the 2007 NAID Conference.