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Focus Groups Lead to both Scary and Promising Conclusions

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There was a time, not too long ago, when NAID would be left to its own devices for strategic guidance.  Happily and fortunately, those days are behind us. 

As Public Relations Committee Chair David Surdyk puts it, “There is no excuse for not confirming or challenging our intuition with carefully planned research when we have the capability.”

And so, when the Doctors/Dentist Marketing subcommittee started planning for the campaign, it commissioned a consumer research firm to conduct focus groups to test assumptions and gain insight to the decision making process as well as the level of knowledge about regulatory requirements.

“While the results are extensive, and a little scary, they give us a road map we did not have before, and provide us with an extremely promising path to the results we seek,” concludes Surdyk.

A presentation of the focus group’s results will be included in the session “A PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS: Selling to Doctors - One Year Later” at NAID 2011. The primary purpose of the session is to provide specific training on the new Doctors/Dentists Marketing Plan to be launched in the first quarter.

One startling tidbit:None of the office managers participating in the focus groups were aware of any of the new HITECH provisions of HIPAA. The good news is that when made aware of the new provisions, they were quick to pick up on the benefits a properly trained secure destruction company could provide to help establish compliance.