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NAID Board Amends By-Laws - Urges Member Ratification

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The NAID Board of Directors approved two amendments to the association’s by-laws at their recent monthly conference call.

One amendment staggers the terms of the association’s Secretary and Treasurer so that in the future, both terms will not expire in the same year. Prior to the amendment, the two-year terms of both offices expired simultaneously, causing turn over in two key Board positions in the same year.

The second amendment inserted language into the by-laws requiring that any NAID member-company representative running for President-elect must have two complete years of service either on the NAID Board of Directors or as a committee chair over the prior 6 years. It also imposes this requirement on anyone appointed to serve as the NAID President-elect or President in the event of a vacancy.

Prior to the amendment, the qualification was one year of service on the NAID Board of Directors.

NAID Members will be asked to ratify the Board-approved amendments at the membership meeting held during the annual conference.

To review the amended NAID By-laws, click here. (Members-only)